About us

Russe Caviar proudly supplies the exacting requirements of the most demanding connoisseurs by offering a unique selection of the finest first quality caviar available, including Beluga, Osetra and Sevruga.

All of our caviar is directly selected from each harvest, sustainably sourced and packed from original caviar jars.

RUSSE CAVIAR is one of the most powerful producers of exquisite "black gold", the legendary sturgeon caviar.
Our breeding stock is over 15 years old, and the broodstock is a pure line of the Caspian population of Beluga (Huso huso), Osetra (Acipenser) and Sevruga (Acipenser stellatus). The uniqueness of the situation is that the first animals were taken from the natural environment directly from the Caspian Sea.

We are the newest modern farm on the picturesque banks of the Volga. Here, unlike many other aquaculture producers, our fish is not kept in closed-type installations farm, but lives a full life in an open reservoir with fresh running water, as in the natural environment.

When you visit our fish farm in the Astrakhan region, you will see how carefully we treat the preservation of the breeding stock.

How, for example, is the diet selected, based on the fact that our fish is very spoiled - it prefers seafood. Therefore, we compose the menu carefully, as close to natural as possible. To do this, we are simply forced to independently procure feed, catching wild fish and crustacean small things from the Caspian Sea, such as atherina, sprat and shrimp. It is these delicacies that we feed our herd without using any growth hormones or antibiotics. Moreover, what is important, the first bait is right from the moment of birth.

Our goal is not only to catch, but also to breed, popularize sturgeon:

That is why we have joined all state programs for the protection and restoration of the population of this species, which is now on the verge of extinction. That is why we abandoned the “slaughter” method of caviar extraction, but introduced a progressive technology of its lifetime removal from the abdominal cavity of a female fish - the so-called “sturgeon milking”. Yes Yes! You heard right. It turns out that caviar can be taken without causing any damage to sturgeon health. Practically milking.
We do not shorten the life of animals, which can share "black gold" many times throughout their fish life! And this, for a minute - about 100 years!
"Not to lose a single fish!" - under this motto we work in our farm, one of the largest on the territory of Russia from among those engaged in the reproduction of fish of sturgeon breeds.