Caspian Russian Royal Osetra Caviar

Black caviar Osetra (Ossetra or Asetra) concerns to the number of the unconditional national symbols of Russia. From the old times it uses the deserved glory as the best, most nutritious, tasty, delicacy of fish product. Native to the Caspian Sea, Osetra is usually the best quality, which is available. Taking up to fifteen years for the female Osetra to mature, weighing up to 500 lbs., which can be up to six feet in length. Its strong nutty flavor of the deep sea provides a mild taste.Only sold in our catalog and online, its mild, buttery flavor and distinct pop makes this a wonderful selection.
According to Russian original technology - Malossol - (Russian for "low salt" - insignificant quantity of salt to keep the black caviar fresh).
This caviar is packed in a glass jar without artificial supplements.
Export variant.
Flavor: Unique clean, crisp and subtle 'nutty' taste
Color: Silvery gray to black.
Size: Medium-size grains.
Appearance: Firm, clear, glossy.

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  • Osetra Caviar 678 Grams 394.00 €

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