Sevruga Royal Caviar

Sevruga Sturgeon is known all around the world. It has a very distinctive looking, long sharp nose. Sevruga reaches maturity at the age of 7 years.
The eggs are gray, with variety of shades. Sevruga Caviar is widely appreciated as a delightful gourmet dish while being cheaper than Osetra.

This caviar has a distinct smooth, buttery flavor. Its aromatic and savory taste, appreciated for its keen yet warm and iodized taste, is a favorite of many leading restaurant professionals.

Made by Russian original technology - Malossol - (Russian for "low salt" - insignificant quantity of salt to keep the black caviar fresh).

Caviar contains a set of nutrients: fiber, fat, sugar, vitamins (D, C, STP, B2, B6 and B12), minerals and water. 75 % of the cholesterol contained in fat, have LCH type that is useful to health.

Sevruga caviar is packed in separate parcels of 3,6,12 or 24 jars for the most convenient and favourable transportation for our consumers.

We offer fresh Sevruga caviar at manufacturer's price and address shipping worldwide.

  • Sevruga Caviar 678 Grams 394.00 €

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